Does life for you or someone you know seem to be spinning out of control?  Are you or is someone you know trapped in an addiction to pornography, sex, drugs, alcohol?  Perhaps you’re just having trouble reaching your goals and/or saving money.

Maybe you’re the parent of an adult who just won’t grow up.  It could be their lifestyle has led them to drug rehab or prison.  How many thousands of dollars have they cost you?  How many bridges have they burned?  And yet, no matter how old they are, they will always be your son or daughter.   Even if  this person has recently become a Christian, the memory and consequences from their sinful past can be overwhelming.

You’re not sure what to do.  But you know you or they need help.

We are Christ-centered Life Coaches (aka mentors, accountability partners, passionate about biblical counseling).  We are not corporate coaches.  We are not efficiency experts for your business.  What we are is a group of committed Christians with a rich amount of experience and education–some formal, some through the school of hard knocks–that has prepared us for what we do now.

And what we do is strive with everything within us to produce lasting change for the eternal good of the men and women we coach.  We do this through the consistent, faithful application of the gospel in the context of a relationship of coaching, mentoring and accountability.  And, since this business grew out of what we’ve been doing for years through Hope Prison Ministries, we’re not new to this.

So, please, CLICK HERE OR call (817) 323-7686 to learn more.

For the rebel in you or one that you know!