What We Do

Our services begin with a free initial consultation.  Whether a Christ-centered Life Coach is being sought for yourself, your adult child, or both, all those concerned will need to meet with Chandler, our founder, to discuss the circumstances that have led you to call us in the first place.

Based on that conversation, Chandler will recommend a plan of action and a life coach that he believes will best serve your needs.  The life coach will meet with the person to be coached and seek to enter into a Covenant with all concerned regarding the exact nature of our services.  Provided that all are in agreement, the Life Coach then begins to provide for the mentoring and oversight of and accountability for the person concerned until the desired goals have been achieved.  A typical Covenant Plan lasts six to 12 months and may include but is not limited to management and oversight of the following needs and services:

  • Biblical Counseling, Mentoring and Accountability (aka Coaching)
  • Food (grocery shopping)
  • Clothing
  • Shelter
  • Transportation
  • Obtaining proper identification
  • Education (sacred and secular) and related assessments
  • Employment and related assessments

It may be easier to start with a couple of actual case studies rather than to try to list everything we do.  You can continue reading below for actual examples of men we’ve helped OR you can CLICK HERE to learn more about our pricing.

MN was convicted of a horrible crime more than 10 years ago. Trying to cope with the weight of his sin and its consequences led him to become an alcoholic.  Drinking caused him to fail to honor his responsibilities and resulted in countless bridges being burned with friends, family and other opportunities.  MN’s mom contacted us about helping her son after he returned home from rehab.  The life coach assigned to MN met with him and all agreed to enter into a Covenant Plan.  The cost was $600/mo. for his expenses and $1,200/mo. for his required coaching.  The life coach assumed responsibility for meeting with MN regularly, ensured he made all required appointments, took him shopping, encouraged him from Scripture, arranged for him to attend church, etc.  Eventually, seeing his progress, the family stepped in and assumed the responsibilities the life coach had been managing.  MN continues to do well today, he desires more than ever to comply with the terms of his court-mandated aftercare and probation, and he is fast on the way to complete reconciliation with his friends and family.  To God be the glory!

JP had a long history of drug abuse.  When he was in prison, he attended classes taught by Hope Prison Ministries.  After his release, he came to live in one of the aftercare facilities run by Hope Prison Ministries.  Chandler was his life coach and mentor.  Right away, they spent a couple of days on the road together as they visited the various courts and probation offices and required appointments related to his case.

As part of his Covenant Plan, JP was required to study God’s Word and to worship with Chandler and his family at church.  Chandler helped him obtain identification .  JP had experience welding and Chandler was able to find him work as a welder within less than 2 weeks after his release.  JP worked, Chandler helped him budget and save his money.  Six months later, JP had saved $3,000 and moved into his own duplex.  Chandler counseled JP and his then girlfriend, Amanda, with regard to sexual purity, abstinence, their relationship and future together.  Today, JP and Amanda are married.  They named Chandler and Barbara Godparents to their first born baby girl, Layla Grace, and they are expecting another child soon!

ZS’s parents called Hope seeking help for their 22-year old son.  ZS had been in-and-out of jail and was currently on probation.  Chandler located GED classes and ensured ZS attended and completed his GED as well as helping him obtain funding and complete welding school.

REM has served more than half his life in prison.  REM attended the worship services led by Hope.  After his release, REM relocated to Fort Worth and began worshiping with Chandler and his family at Fort Worth Presbyterian.  REM expressed a desire to obtain his asbestos project management certifications, Chandler raised the funds, and REM satisfactorily completed all of the requirements.  Today, REM remains faithful in church, lives in a travel trailer he just purchased and is billing clients $250/day.

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