If you’re thinking Zig Ziglar or Joel Osteen, you’re in the wrong place.  Scared Straight?  You’re getting closer.  The coaching, mentoring and accountability we provide is aimed at cultivating an awareness of sin, its consequences–on everyone! and then pointing those we help to Jesus and the hope of the gospel as revealed in God’s Word!

Our coaching, mentoring and accountability is aimed at “humbling the pride of man, exalting the grace of God in salvation, and promoting real holiness in heart and life.”  We do this in the context of a Nouthetic, aka biblical, counseling relationship.  Nouthetic counseling (Greek: noutheteo, to admonish) is a form of pastoral counseling that holds that counseling should be based solely upon the Bible and focused upon Christ.  The Baker Encyclopedia of Psychology and Counseling states that “The aim of Nouthetic Counseling is to effect change in the counselee by encouraging greater conformity to the principles of Scripture” for their eternal good and to the glory of God.

For the rebel in you or one that you know!