How Much?

Anyone can see a counselor for an hour a week and pay $100 or more an hour.  Christ-centered Life Coaches are focused on “coaching” their client to “take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.”  Knowing our sheep, so to speak, requires more than an hour a week, once a week.  If you throw a rock in a lake, the largest interruption in the water takes place where the rock landed, but the ripples spread out much further from the center.  In the same way, a person may come to us desiring to focus on one area of their life but that one area has almost always affected every other area of their life.  Of course, you may just want someone to sit down with once a week and unload while also having the opportunity to hear some wisdom from God’s Word.  If that’s you, we can do that, but our pricing and our approach is based on more of the holistic philosophy described earlier.

1 – 5 hours: $150/hour

6 – 10 hours: $100/hour

11 – 29 hours: $75/hour

30 hours plus: $40/hour

The rates above are to compensate the coach for their drive time and the actual coaching they do.  The rates above DO NOT include expenses related to providing for a person’s care and oversight.  So, for example:

30 hours of coaching @ $40/hour = $1200
$350/mo. for housing
$400/mo. in groceries and hygiene
$60/mo. for cell phone
$140 for entertainment
Total: $2,150/mo.

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For the rebel in you or one that you know!