LifeCoachesDFW.com grew out of the aftercare services of Hope Prison Ministries, a non-profit organization actively engaged in the mentoring and aftercare of men in prison and after they are released.

The Scripture states that God sent His son to “bind up the broken hearted.”  Are you feeling discouraged with life, your own or someone else’s?  Feel like you’ve lost hope?  The good news is that you or they could very well could be on the brink of God revealing Himself in ways that are beyond your wildest imaginations!  But the Bible says Jesus came to save and heal those who are sick.  Discouragement and loss of hope are more often than not part of the process God uses to bring us “to our senses.”

Some people just seem to never grow up.  Countless people struggle with addiction, and not a few have spent time in jail, rehab or prison.  They may be on probation or parole now or perhaps they will be returning home soon and their loved ones aren’t sure what they will do.  Despite having burned their bridges countless times, not a few of these adults have friends or family who desire to continue to help them, and help them, and help them!  But, to maintain their own sanity and marital relationships, many of these have come to a place where they need for someone else to take over.

Enter a coach and mentor from LifeCoachesDFW.com.  We are not corporate coaches.  We are not efficiency experts.  Our job is not to streamline your business and increase your profitability.  We are life coaches, mentors and accountability partners whose greatest passion is for those we mentor to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, to grow in grace and truth, to become the men and women God created them to be, for their eternal good and His glory.

We believe sinners often find Jesus, and saints often grow the most, during desperate times.  This means we are not concerned with helping people become smarter sinners–one who is a “productive member of society” but still does not know Jesus.  It is not our goal to help them become more independent but, rather, dependent on Him.  Although what we do may involve help with food, clothing or shelter, these are not our primary concerns.  We believe He will take care of His children.  After all, it was He who said, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all of these will be added to you,” Matthew 6:33.

Therefore, our greatest priority as Christ-centered Life Coaches is to so fill the hearts and minds of those we serve with an awareness of their sin and an awe for God that loving God and loving their neighbor become the desire of their heart, in every area of their life.

What We Do will tell you more about how we do that.

Please call us at (817) 323-7686 with your comments or questions or for additional information.

In Christ Alone,

Chandler Fozard, LifeCoachesDFW.com founder
Hope Prison Ministries, Inc., founder and president

For the rebel in you or one that you know!