Getting Started

The forms below are based on a parent applying for our services for the management and oversight of their adult child who, for example, may be returning home from drug rehab or prison.  If you are applying for yourself, please complete ONLY the CCLC application with as much information as is available and simply answer questions NA that don’t apply to your situation.  With this in mind, please click the relevant links below to download, print and complete the relevant forms:

CCLC Application – should be completed by an individual or with the applicant if you’re a parent applying on behalf of your adult child

CCLC Covenant Plan – should be reviewed and agreed to by your adult child.

CCLC Parental Covenant Plan – This should be kept confidential until a time mutually agreed upon between you and your child’s Life Coach.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.  Please CLICK HERE to send Chandler an email or call him at (817) 323-7686.

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