Your child is certainly welcome to stay with you or in a location you provide but our experience is that many parents are simply unwilling to continue to allow their children to live with them or to provide them a place elsewhere–and they can’t imagine asking anyone else to do so!  Until such time as God provides our own facility, we cooperate with various transitional housing facilities throughout the metroplex so that we are able to offer housing when necessary.

The housing is probably nowhere near that to which your child has become accustomed, and it may be in neighborhoods you may not even know exist.  But it is generally safe and we have worked with these facilities for years.  And, it won’t hurt for your child to have to “rough it” after having abused you for so long!

The cost range for housing options range from $350 – $1,200/mo. and may include food depending on the facility.

For the rebel in you or one that you know!